Related to conventional cigarettes, E-cigarettes can be neutral or even come with scent that would not upset other people near. An electronic cigarette can smell like soda, apple, orange, strawberry or even watermelon. Some electronic cigarette varieties are able to deliver custom-made aromas that would match the character of a vaper.

How Can Electronic Cigarette Save A Smoker’s Life?

It may be hard for anti-smoking advocates to swallow, but electronic cigarettes may be the answer to the smoking problem. It hard to fathom that a device that looks, feels and functions like a tobacco cigarette will be the answer to smokers’ prayer for a way to get out of smoking or at least get the best deal from their smoking habit. 

Anti-smoking advocates have this built-in doubt about electronic cigarettes. Perhaps, they are constantly reminded about the way that the tobacco industry downplayed the harm caused by tobacco. All things changed in 1964 when the Surgeon General finally came out with a report that changed the course of history and humanity’s outlook on tobacco. Electronic cigarettes are regarded safer and healthier than tobacco. Anti-smoking advocates disagree. There could be harm lurking somewhere, anti-tobacco advocates say, but we don’t know what and where it is because we know nothing about vapes real nature. 

The promise of electronic cigarettes in terms of helping smokers quit is promising. There has been little research done so far on the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes as smoking-cessation devices. The New Zealand study that came out in the Lancet and the Italian study are the only ones that have proven that there is hope for smokers as far as getting off the addiction through vaping is concerned. Electronic cigarettes are as effective as patches and gums in helping smokers get over their addiction, the New Zealand study said. But, in the real world getting your nicotine in the same way as you want it matters more. And, electronic cigarettes have added advantage over patches and gums. They are able to deliver the nicotine in the fastest way possible. Electronic cigarettes provide the same experience which other nicotine-replacement devices could not simply deliver. 

The entry of electronic cigarettes into the space of nicotine-replacement devices drew an unlikely opposition. No, it is not Big Tobacco. Big Tobacco finally realized that if it can’t beat vapes; join them instead. Big Pharma is now on the offensive and has attacked vapes saying it is unsafe and unproven. Big Pharma knows that if electronic cigarettes become bigger their products will gather dust and become obsolete.

Anti-smoking people fear that the continued growth of vapes may re-glorify smoking. For years, health advocates pushed for tobacco control and urged smokers to quit. The emergence of electronic cigarettes defeats their efforts. They countered with an attack saying that vapes are attracting young people and nonsmokers to pick up the habit. They could be on to something as a recent survey showed that more young people have picked up vaping. Then again, a closer look at the data shows that the young people vaping are dual smokers and use electronic cigarettes to lower their exposure to the harmful smoke of tobacco. 

It is true that we need a lot of long-term studies on the health and behavioral implications of electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes and cellphones may be light years apart, but they share a common situation. Cellphones were accused of increasing the risk of brain tumor during the ‘90s. Now, we know that cellphones, despite giving off some radiation, does not cause problems to the health. Radiation, it seems, coming from cellphones are too insignificant to cause brain tumor.

Electronic cigarettes need to be subjected to at least a decade of testing to prove if there are no long-term health implications. Confident assessments on the harm implications can start from there. Does that mean that we need to ban electronic cigarettes? If so, are we denying the right to quit to smokers? The fact is while electronic cigarettes are no absolute saints, we are sure that tobacco is worse a thousand times.

What is the reason we it is better to switch to eCig?
E-cigs are cheaper E-cigs smell better E-cigs give less harm E-cigs do not burn